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First Responder Icon Water-resistant  Sticker

First Responder Icon Water-resistant Sticker

First Responders Icon Vinyl Water-resistant Sticker.

These are printed on Matte Water-resistantsticker Vinyl, then laminated using 4mil laminate. I also Include a Alcohol wipe to wipe down surface before applying the sticker.


Size: 2 x 2.75 inch

Size: 3 x 4.25 inch

Size is approximent.


Directions: Clean Surface with Alcohol wipe, dry, then attach sticker.


***Vinyl Stickers will fade in the sun with lots of exposure. If you want to place the Water-resistantsticker on a vehicle or outside item, Please buy the Decal Version. Decals use UV Laminate that protects from fading in sunlight for up to 2 years. Please vist for all your decal purchases. If Decals are NOT available, please e-mail me at: Any sticker on our website can be made into a Decal.***


Thank You.

    PriceFrom $2.50
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